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 Leaping in the hotel rankings

Employees celebrating after being voted the best hotel of its visitors: Pranom Ubonrat, Renate Pedersen, Merete Nordheim, Steinar Rorgemoen, Sandra Hällsten, Stian Kristiansen, Aud Andersen and Maiken Hermansen. FOTO: Christopher Engås

Leaping in the hotel rankings

The staff at Basecamp Spitsbergen is jumping for joy after being voting the best in Norway by the booking service Hotels.com.



04.09.2015 kl 17:52

The Longyearbyen hotel's ranking is shared with, among others, The Thief in Oslo. The two establishments can hardly be said to be on the same planet regarding standards, but they both scored 4.7 stars out of five at the world's largest booking website.

"We are proud and very pleased that our guests enjoy being with us at Basecamp here on Svalbard," said Steinar Rorgemoen, Basecamp's administrative director. 


"To score full 4.7 stars out of five possible is an unbelievable result and something the hotel can really be proud of," said Carolina Annand, a Hotels.com representative, in a statement. "Our ratings are from actual guests who have stayed in the hotel, ensuring that the score is genuine and trustworthy."

The booking website is the largest of its kind and that means the publicity from the ranking is significant for the hotel, said Basecamp General Manager Sandra Hällsten.

"It provides above all a very positive reputation and so it is a real pat on the back for our employees," she said.

For free

The trappers' hotel is nice, but not near the standard of the exquisite The Thief. Rorgemoen conceded Basecamp gets a free boost due to the surroundings where each hotel is located.

"The nature here in Svalbard give us a 'flying start,'" he said. "But the last piece of this occurs with the contact between the guests and the hotel staff. We have cultivated the communication with our customers and this is a confirmation that our philosophy works."

'World record'

The hotel itself has seven employees, while the company as a whole this year has had up to 43 employees on its payroll. Well over 30 people have at times been employed to take guests out on adventures, thereby offering them far more than a hotel stay.

Rorgemoen, as usual, is reluctant to provide exact financial details.

"What I can say is that this year we have set a world record for us in the number of visitors – and therefore revenue," he said.

Translated by Mark Sabbatini


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