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Last remnants picked up

Monday the gang of youths were employed with removing the fence which has surrounded the avalance area since December last year. Erik Fastvold (closest) and Kasper Fjerdingøy are here carrying the foundations of the fence. FOTO: Christopher Engås

Last remnants picked up

The last bits of debris from the 11 homes destroyed by last year's avalanche have been removed.



Cleanup after the Dec. 19 avalanche started almost immediately. LNS Spitsbergen spent a few weeks during the winter removing the demolished houses. Workers then had to wait until the last of the snow was gone to pick up the remaining small debris.

Everything in the houses

LNS hired students to take care of the smaller debris.

"It been about picking up shards of glass, paper, drywall residue and lots of insulation. We have found everything that one can find in a house, "said Ole Sondre Holtet Gunnhildberget and Odin Storø.

The fence that has barricaded the site since shortly after the avalanche was removed Monday.

Nybyen next

The students are not done cleaning. The storm that raged Dec. 18 tore the roof off of Barrack 10 in Nybyen as well. And those remnants cover a much larger area.

"There we will clean in an area that extends right up to Larsbreen," the students said.

Sara Fastvold has already been at the site and worked on the project.

"I helped pick up 40 bags of insulation," she said, not concealing the fact she didn't consider it the most fun job in the world.

"But it all has to be picked up and this is the only way to do that," Fastvold said.

Among the unpleasant consequences of job is sore backs, the students told Svalbardposten.

'Good job'

LNS Spitsbergen Administrative Director Frank Jakobsen said he's very pleased with the students' efforts.

"They've done a great job and it no longer looks like there were homes in the area," he said. "We salute them."

It has been decided that Barrack 10 will be demolished, but the work will not done until after the summer.

Se bildet større

Some of the teenagers who finished the job. Erik Fastvold (in the back), Sara Fastvold, Rudi Jakobsen and Kasper Fjerdingøy. FOTO: Christopher Engås

Se bildet større

The roof of Brakke 10 was blown off in the storm, and lies scattered in a vast area. Picking up the debris from it is the next task for the gang. FOTO: Christopher Engås

Siste nytt i Nyheter

Kansellerte på nytt

I dag kom det ett postfly til Longyearbyen, det første siden fredag. Dagens ekstrafly er nå kansellert, noe som blant annet får konsekvenser for Svalbardposten.

Ingen nye bjørneobservasjoner

Binna og de to ungene ble sist sett midt på dagen i Endalen. Sysselmannen ber folk være ekstra vaktsomme.

Møtte binna på nært hold

Kjørte bak bjørnene for å få dem ut av Vei 238.

Tidlig i dag morges ble det observert spor etter isbjørnbinna og de to ungene hennes ved Unis, helt inne i byen. Klokken 6.15 er de observert ved Endalen, litt utenfor tettbygd strøk.

Vellykket aksjon

Isbjørnene er nå jaget forbi Longyearbyen og ut mot Revneset ved hjelp av sysselmannens helikopter, assistert av isbjørnsforsker Jon Aars.

Vil drive binna forbi Longyearbyen

Sysselmannen har etter møte med Norsk Polarinstitutt bestemt seg for å lede isbjørnbinna med de to ungene i retning Revneset.

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