A cold May, but still above-average temperatures


High temperatures during the last two days of May resulted in yet another month with temperatures higher than normal.

Improvements to the seed vault for 37 million kroner


Consulting company Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen is responsible for proposing further remedial measures to secure the access tunnel to the seed vault.

Must secure the seed vault even better


Statsbygg is now digging trenches to direct water away from the entrance area. They are on high alert while the snow is melting.

Old ammunition found in bears


Two polar bears killed last summer were both shot with a shotgun earlier.

Russian guide dies

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 19.05.2017 kl 15:34

Aleksander Ometov, 31, died Monday night after falling into the ice in Tempelfjorden. 

Prority is to help


When everything is in order, the tourism company in Barentsburg will answer questions about the accident.

Helping the three missing tourists

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 09.05.2017 kl 13:34

Jens Abild at Arctic Adventures took care of three of the Russian tourists at Fredheim. He and several other tour operators have stopped driving over Tempelfjorden this year.

Quickly to the rescue

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 05.05.2017 kl 13:25

Forty-eight minutes after The Governor of Svalbard was notified people had gone through the ice in Tempelfjorden, the four in the water were picked up.

'Foolish and improper propoganda stunt'


Russian criticism of an upcoming NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Svalbard is being rejected by both NATO and northern region policy experts.

Out of patience

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 28.04.2017 kl 15:28

If the giant Santa's mailbox not removed by June 1 the city will do so at the owner's expense

Optimistic despite bad weather


The weather forecast for Saturday is not the greatest, but the Svalbard Skimaraton will proceed anyway, with adjustments if necessary.

Lucas had to return to Svalbard in quarantine

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 25.04.2017 kl 08:41

The young chihuahua cannot return home to Elisa Jensen, 16, until nearly three months after the Easter holiday.

Diamond master

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.04.2017 kl 14:06

Morten Flygel is trying anew in Longyearbyen, where everything started with diamonds on glossy paper.

Excited about art and Svalbard

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 07.04.2017 kl 13:15

Queen Sonja was one of those who came up with the idea of the Artica Svalbard art foundation. She's hoping Longyearbyen welcomes the artists.

Artica invites artists and locals in


Eleven renowned artists and local collaboration is the plan for Artica Svalbard, which opened Thursday.

Preparing to restart Svea


'It's now or never,' says Store Norske Administrative Director Wenche Ravlo.

Twice the fun with  one ski


OneFoot-skiing is popular among the kids this year.

300 million for new harbor


In the new National Transportation Plan.

Polar bear encounters at Hopen

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.03.2017 kl 10:37

Fifth bear encounter so far this season.

Inspired to save lives


Police initiative for training dogs for search and rescue after avalanches.

The dogs will be on the lookout

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 17.03.2017 kl 12:19

Six huskies will join Linda Marie Monsen Vassdal, 27, and Pål Remen, 37, at Austfjordnes. 

Cloudy festival gives way to the sun

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.03.2017 kl 10:27

Fourth time since 1993.

Price in August: 1.95M; now: 2.8M

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.03.2017 kl 10:36

Housing prices are soaring.

Opening a new 'doomsday vault' in Svalbard


Arctic World Archive is to safely store crucial documents.

Where’s the leadership?

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 09.03.2017 kl 08:58

There must be more political leadership if we wish these accidents to stop.