– A flight will never be the same after this

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Have you ever flown hot air balloon on Svalbard, other flights will be a disappointment, says Nikolaj Trautner.

The balloon takes off from the city center for the first time

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Hot air balloon took off from Longyearbyen. It's not happening everyday.

Anita realized that it was not enough to teach climate change law in the United States


Made a special choice to reach out to more people.

Demanding changes for guides

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Long days, poor pay, hard physical and mental work, and lack of overtime pay. Elida Langstein and Piotrek Damski want to do something about it.

'We are adapting as well as we can'

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Basecamp Spitsbergen asserts they have a full overview of how much its guides work.

Should work because it's enjoyable

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The owners of Green Dog want people working there because they enjoy leading dogsled tours, but the salary shouldn't be so low they depart.

'Must find a balance'

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Charlotte Sandmo has worked as a guide for nine years. She says she is glad someone is taking the initiative to improve working conditions.

'Clear challenges'

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Trade union leader Monica A. Paulsen at Negotia is encouraging guides to enroll in an employee organization if they wish to improve their work situation.


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The land with the cold coast

Great sorrow


People in Barentsburg are in deep sadness after the helicopter accident last Thursday. 

Combining student housing and a hotel


The Arctic Student Welfare Organization is seeking to build a housing facility of up to five stories Elvesletta. They also want to operate it as a hotel when there are few students.

'A disaster'


Visit Svalbard Director Ronny Brunvoll strongly opposes a seasonal hotel that does not contribute to year-round tourism.

Aiming for the Olympics

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Trym Eide Aunevik, 15, won six medals in the Norway's National Youth Leagues disabeld swimming competition.

Casting out 'villagers'


Longyearbyen's fire department and planning department evicted a man who illegally moved into a building near the airport on Monday. Now those responsible for Sjøområdet are also on alert.

Why fishing nets end up on Svalbard

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Every year, many pieces of fishing net wash up on the shores of Svalbard and pose a serious threat to wildlife.



In the article ”Utfordrende natur og sikkerhet på Svalbard” (”Nature and safety challenges in Svalbard”) in Svalbardposten no. 31, 25 august 2017, there are claims which are not only false, but also directly damaging to me and my business.

Second flight for bear after cabin raid


This is not the first time the 17-year-old male bear has been flown north in a helicopter after raiding cabins. The previous time was in 2001.  

Town hit hard


The local community is being strongly affected by two deaths. A 24-hour counseling hotline is available at the hospital.

Positive indications at UNIS

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More graduate students than ever are enrolled at the university this fall.

Incessantly optimistic with a large vision


He sees opportunities in waste others just want to get rid of. A constant uphill battle isn't deterring the green dreams of Benjamin Vidmar.

Tourists going astray


Visitors wandering outside Longyearbyen without weapons sparks a debate on Facebook.

Warning people to avoid landslide areas


Landslides have occurred in multiple areas in recent days, with people spotted traveling on foot through some of them.

Strong growth requires good logistics and more dock time


More and more cruise tourists are visiting Longyearbyen. Traffic to the port has increased 20 percent since last year.

Still investigating


The Governor of Svalbard will not speculate about the cause of a tour boat fire until the investigation is finished

Ice-cold swimming challenge

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A Polish expedition went on a swimming expeditions and returned with body temperatures of about 32 degrees Celsius (90F).