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Twice the fun with  one ski


OneFoot-skiing is popular among the kids this year.

300 million for new harbor


In the new National Transportation Plan.

Polar bear encounters at Hopen

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.03.2017 kl 10:37

Fifth bear encounter so far this season.

Inspired to save lives


Police initiative for training dogs for search and rescue after avalanches.

The dogs will be on the lookout

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 17.03.2017 kl 12:19

Six huskies will join Linda Marie Monsen Vassdal, 27, and Pål Remen, 37, at Austfjordnes. 

Cloudy festival gives way to the sun

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.03.2017 kl 10:27

Fourth time since 1993.

Price in August: 1.95M; now: 2.8M

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.03.2017 kl 10:36

Housing prices are soaring.

Opening a new 'doomsday vault' in Svalbard


Arctic World Archive is to safely store crucial documents.

Where’s the leadership?

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 09.03.2017 kl 08:58

There must be more political leadership if we wish these accidents to stop.

A milestone for the vault

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.02.2017 kl 09:36

Some of the seeds pulled out of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in 2015 after the gene bank in Aleppo in Syria was destroyed are being returned for safety storage.

UNIS boat failure to be investigated

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.02.2017 kl 14:38

The Norwegian Maritime Authority will examine what regulations are applicable to boats used by The University Centre in Svalbard. It is likely that voyages with passengers during the winter are prohibited.

Rained out in Longyearbyen

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 10.02.2017 kl 15:13

A snowmobile trip for participants of a large mathematics conference was rained out this week. A couple on their honeymoon didn't get to go to the seed vault, but did get to see the Northern Lights.

Svalbard Turn gets two cabins

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 03.02.2017 kl 15:31

The Governor of Svalbard has taken over and will provide a cabin in Grøndalen to Svalbard Turn. In addition, the sports club is also borrowing a cabin on Nordenskiöldtoppen.

– It was a serious situation


Twelve wet and icy students and staff from The University Centre in Svalbard were rescued by the Norwegian Coast Guard on Friday. The group's boat was leaking and both engines stopped.

Working on reopening Svea

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 30.01.2017 kl 12:35

Store Norske plans to submit startup plans to its board of directors before summer. If approved, coal mining may be going again next year.

Winging Polarjazz again


20 years ago, somebody had a good idea. So good the jazz has continued, albeit somewhat diluted.

Will evaluate the response

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.01.2017 kl 14:56

The Governor of Svalbard has received complaints about the response to a trio of visiting polar bears during the past week. Residents are upset the bears wandered straight into a residential area.

Meeting the bears at close range


Berit Våtvik was awakened by the dogs in the kennel just after 5 a.m. Tuesday. When she came out of the house where she lives a female polar bear with her cubs were there.

Rema 1000 to be built


The grocery chain wants to open a store in Longyearbyen in the parking lot in front of Svalbardbutikken.

Yes to food, no to parking


Politicians in Longyearbyen want competition for food shopping, but are not entirely positive about central parking area construction. 

Heartfelt gathering with lots of laughter and a few select Google words


When children from Longyearbyen met their peers in Barentsburg, they used Google Translate.

2016: Warmest and wettest

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 22.12.2016 kl 20:12

This year's temperatures at Svalbard Airport are unprecedented. 'Terrifying,' a climate scientist says.

Love and memories live on


A warm-hearted and powerful gathering touched those who participated in the torchlight procession up to Lia where an avalanche struck on Dec. 19 of last year.

Getting more visits from polar bears than humans

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 15.12.2016 kl 11:13

Ten Polish scientists are spending the winter at Hornsund. After this year's Christmas visit they won't see any guests until spring.

King Kyrre


The scissors and razor have lain untouched since April. Kyrre Stræth Fledsberg wants to show his daughter how Harald Hårfagre looked.

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