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Will evaluate the response

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.01.2017 kl 14:56

The Governor of Svalbard has received complaints about the response to a trio of visiting polar bears during the past week. Residents are upset the bears wandered straight into a residential area.

Meeting the bears at close range


Berit Våtvik was awakened by the dogs in the kennel just after 5 a.m. Tuesday. When she came out of the house where she lives a female polar bear with her cubs were there.

Rema 1000 to be built


The grocery chain wants to open a store in Longyearbyen in the parking lot in front of Svalbardbutikken.

Yes to food, no to parking


Politicians in Longyearbyen want competition for food shopping, but are not entirely positive about central parking area construction. 

Heartfelt gathering with lots of laughter and a few select Google words


When children from Longyearbyen met their peers in Barentsburg, they used Google Translate.

2016: Warmest and wettest

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 22.12.2016 kl 20:12

This year's temperatures at Svalbard Airport are unprecedented. 'Terrifying,' a climate scientist says.

Love and memories live on


A warm-hearted and powerful gathering touched those who participated in the torchlight procession up to Lia where an avalanche struck on Dec. 19 of last year.

Getting more visits from polar bears than humans

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 15.12.2016 kl 11:13

Ten Polish scientists are spending the winter at Hornsund. After this year's Christmas visit they won't see any guests until spring.

King Kyrre


The scissors and razor have lain untouched since April. Kyrre Stræth Fledsberg wants to show his daughter how Harald Hårfagre looked.

The biggest gift weighs nine tons


100- and 50-year anniversaries in Ny-Ålesund will be celebrated on at least four days. One of the gifts weighs nine tons.

Lost their brother in the mine


Frank Robert and Bent Jakobsen lost Geir Arne Jakobsen in a mining accident in 1991. Last Thursday they unveiled the memorial for all the workers who were killed.

Celebrating SNSK for three days


Unveiling a memorial, a cabaret show and an old-fashioned Harvest Festival are planned as Store Norske celebrates its 100th birthday next week.

Expected more and larger landslides

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 21.11.2016 kl 10:20

Luck prevented last week's rainstorm from causing major damage. Researchers believe frost on top of the hills protected the city.

Mailbox costing 500 kr. a day


Po Lin Lee says she wants to share joy with tourists and residents. She has not removed the giant Santa's mailbox before the deadline and so far owes more than 9,000 kroner in fines.

Taking input seriously


New proposals in the Svalbard 'white paper' address veterinary care, stronger beer and a long-term energy plan. Store Norske's future is still vague.

Extensive safety work


259 people were forced to evacuate their homes this week in Longyearbyen. Mayor Arild Olsen wants to avoid more evacuations in the future.

Creating a Sherpa trail to Platåberget


Visit Svalbard is 1.9 million kroner short of what it needs to initiate the project. They also need permission from the Governor to build the trail.

Getting more cruise money


The tourism industry is pleased with this year's cruise season and is making plans for next year to be even better

Warmer – wetter – wilder


This October was the mildest and wettest since meteorological records have been kept in Svalbard.

'Svalbard must be heard'


Gov. Kjerstin Askholt says nobody from Svalbard was involved in the air ambulance process.

UNIS will register ice in the fjord

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 11.11.2016 kl 11:06

Two weather stations on the seabed out from Bjoerndalen will predict ice conditions in Isfjorden.

Glad Norway is purchasing Austre Adventfjord


Mining commissioner Peter J. Brugmans believes the state has the ability to better control the development of Svalbard after the land acquisition. 

Works begins on the city's 'grand hall'


Works begins on the city's 'grand hall'

Need more information for a safe city

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 22.10.2016 kl 13:24

UNIS geologists believe, among other things, monitoring stations must be established that can help predict when landslides may threaten the city.

Water took the power


The fire department had to scramble to help when water penetrated the Svalbard Global Seed Vault during extreme rain last weekend.

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